Originally a techy in the computer field, Athol moved into sales and marketing just a few years after arriving in San Francisco. Since then he has held almost every job in marketing, from Product Manager to V. P. Sales and Marketing.

In 2001 he left the employed world to be an independent consultant and entrepreneur. During all this time he was a part time lecturer in Sales and Marketing for UC Extension Silicon Valley as well as the outside coordinator for their marketing certificate program. He pioneered courses like Product Marketing, Public Relations, Distribution Channels, How to Write a Business Plan and Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing. In other words, practical, tactical courses.

In 2002 he founded Brighter Naming, his second naming agency. They now have an extensive track record of naming projects all around the world in many different fields, but are especially strong in the high tech, biotech, scientific, industrial and financial arenas. Rosie Dodgson, his sister based near Barcelona Spain, is his chief linguist and a senior naming consultant. She is also an online tutor for people wishing to upgrade their English skills for professional reasons. See her at www.ebrovoice.com.

In 2016 Athol also transitioned his hobby of making African knot bracelets into a real business and today Safari Gold is one of the bigger suppliers of these unique bracelets. He makes them all himself in silver, gold, copper or artificial elephant hair, and many combinations and sizes thereof. Plus he still makes some other jewelry pieces based on African safari and wildlife themes first popularized by his younger brother.