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A brand is NOT a name, a logo or an identity.

      It is NOT only about graphics and packaging.

It is NOT about advertising or promotions.


A Brand is a Promise of an Experience

Put our experience to work. We will guide your brand manager to develop clear brand values, brand positions, brand personalities, brand gap analysis, brand names, brand audits, brand identities and all other brand experiences.

It is the golden thread that should run through all your marketing and product and support decisions.

Of course, your name is shorthand for your brand promise,
so first you need a good, and legally clean, name.

Branding Success:

In John Grisham's recent blockbuster novel, The Broker, he goes into great detail on the advanced cell phone purchased for Joel Backman (See Chapter 18). This includes pointing out it runs the SymbianŽ operating system - one of Athol's names from a few years ago! If you have a Nokia, Motorola, Sony or NEC mobile phone, it probably runs on this operating system too.

With the launch of Google's Android cell phone platform the Symbian name is finally getting a lot of public visibility. In fact, Nokia has just paid $400million for the shares they did not own, and are planning on releasing the software as open source.

From a small startup, to a major player in the solar clean energy space, Solyndra has been changing the shape of solar. Another unique and powerful name from Brighter Naming.

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